The MineOpt®

The Mine Resource Planning (MRP) software suite is an IT system to enable a most efficient use of resources underground. It enables the mine management to instantly access a fully transparent overview of the ongoing operations with direct access to all operational status information in Gantt diagrams. A fully vectorized mine map is used to provide a full 3D location based overview of the mine visualizing what is going on, where, in near real time. This map can also be used to calculate e.g. travel distance and time. The customizable MineOpt scheduler module is used to plan and supervise the timing of all ongoing tasks. Via structured messaging ad hoc messages and work orders can be exchanged. The operation logbook records all relevant events either automatically or originating from manual entries of the operators.

All data acquisition are preferably based on open industry standards. As an ERP system, the MineOpt software needs to be adjusted to the individual requirements of the mine site. This covers importing routines for the digital mine map.