System Integration

We solve complex problems in control and automation technology. In this field we are specialized to everything that is related to navigation, positioning and localization. Such solutions often require multiple sensor systems and a mathematically complex fusion of sensor signals, such as of laser scanners, inertial sensors, and radar and conventional sensor technology. Naturally we also integrate the hydraulic or electric drive technology.

In these fields our employees have successfully implemented globally unique innovations such as an underground autonomous (driverless) monorail train, which received an innovation prize in 2008, or the world’s first control system of a 750t heavy and 70m long mining machine consisting of multiple connected segments (like a train), where four crawler track assemblies had to be synchronized in such a way that the tracks of the rear units always follow the exact track of the very first unit or that the machine is automatically steered so that it follows a tunnel without operator intervention.


Functional safety:

MineTronics is your development partner for complex machine controlling according to the newest requirements from SIL/EN 13849 and the EU Machinery Directive. We not only concentrate on the soft- or hardware side but look at the whole system. We have experience i.a.:

  • Electronic brakes – brake-by-wire
  • Electronic steering – steer-by-wire
  • Redundant control
  • Electronic safety-control
  • Safety-critical sensors

Smart machines:

Together with MineTronics you can introduce successful new “smart” functions for the operation and maintenance of your products:

  • Operator assistance functions to increase productivity as software options without additional product unit costs
  • Software and network security
  • Electronic dashboard (“glass cockpit”) to improve the flexibility and reduce costs of production
  • (Load dependent) determination of maintenance intervals and remote service functions as the basis of new service strategies
  • Machine navigation and positioning using latest Radar- Laser (“LIDAR”) and Inertial navigation technologies
  • Remote control and autonomous (driverless) machine operation
  • We create complex graphical user interfaces with the contribution of an experienced commercial airline pilot and simulator instructor in order to achieve the highest possible operating safety

Machine communication:

Our experience in the communication of machines include the following areas in particular:

  • M2M“-Communication amongst machines e.g. for the transfer and processing of work information
  • Communication via safe internet connections with operation and service centers
  • Machine communication only via temporarily active WLAN connections.
  • Service access via WLAN to diagnose driving machines
  • Remote control via WLAN, even for free moving machinery!

With our customers we develop features for network integration of machines since 1999.

There is no reliable machine communication without network security: “No safety without security!“. To us the network and IT security is an essential part of any technical communication application. Our own network security engineers ensure that your applications possess state of the art security features

Navigation and localization:

We implement navigation solutions, e.g. based on inertial sensors, laser scanners and radar, for machines of all sizes. Our specialty is to control mechanically coupled vehicles on wheels or caterpillar tracks (without rail guide), i.e. developing control systems of “trains without tracks”! We also have extensive expertise in passive RFID systems.

Central server systems:

Communication solutions necessarily need centralized server systems. We offer a large number of our ready-made solutions, which can easily be customized to your individual application.

Take advantage of our long term experience! Our consulting is available for software development as well as for the electronic design at attractive terms. With us your own development has access to expert skills while maintaining economic flexibility.