Text Messaging

Picture: PAG1 device

All basic personal communication requirements in one small handheld device: the pager is used for tracking and simple communication with people underground. It provides the following functions:

  • personnel position tracking (via MT-TrackCenter and MIC infrastructure)
  • text message reception
  • easy responding by selecting an answer from a list of prepared answers which were received together with the message (list may be downloaded also e.g. prior to shift start)
  • optionally configurable escalating dead man alarm when the unit has not moved for a significant amount of time: first the person is warned, then other pagers in proximity and finally the dispatcher
  • personalization functions: similar to the aboveground MineTronics PagerCenter, the pagers can be personalized, thus every person can take a random pager when going underground. As there are many different ID systems for people used in different mines the implementation of an electronic personalization requires an individual project.

In case a message cannot be forwarded to the recipient directly (the recipient is outside the WLAN covered areas), the message is stored on a server and the recipient will receive the message as soon as he enters the WLAN area again (as with a mobile phone SMS). The pager is prepared for additional safety support functions. Customized applications can be implemented. For information exchange the draft IREDES open standard for messaging and tracking is used.

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  • Cost savings and production increase by ability to reach people underground
  • Dialogue possible through text messages with response selection from a list of prepared answers
  • Increase safety by reception of alarm messages and acoustic notification
  • Increased safety by dead man alarm
  • Increased safety and process optimization by known location of people
  • Reliable operation through contactless inductive charging