Digital Voice

Picture: VoIP1 device

Using the VoIP1 – peripheral for the MIC, the voice communication for interkom-systems, telephone and underground radio is digitized. All voice communication can be integrated into modern, digital VoIP phone systems. Using an optional radio module for VHF and UHF radio, also conventional underground radio communication, can be integrated into the digital network. An important advantage especially on long distance communication is the voice quality, as this system uses the digital fiber optic network for long distance communication rather than noise prone telephone cabling. Using the VoIP1 device together with a digital VoIP PBX, all peripherals are reachable via the internal telephone network.

The device provides two analog channels and is available also in an ATEX certified version (M1 ia).

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  • Superb voice quality especially on long communication distances
  • No separate analog cabling for intercom and telephone
  • All peripherals reachable via the VoIP PBX
  • Compliant to VoIP Standard
  • Optional Radio module for integration of UHF/VHF underground