Intrinsic Safety

Picture: ISBP1 device


The ISBP1 is a battery power supply providing a capacity of 10Wh to any kind of ATEX approved intrinsically safe device. This smart battery pack is a ready-to-use unit fully approved in accordance to ATEX M1. The module consists of Lithium Ion cells at an output voltage of 7,2VDC (nominal) together with all necessary ATEX safety circuits and a microcontroller which provides charge status, battery health information, charge cycles and other information to the host device the module is connected to. The module also contains the complete charging safety circuits together with the charge controllers. These features allow the quick development of application devices using the ISBP1 as a backup power unit or mobile devices using it as the main power source.

The ISBP1 is certified to be charged underground by simply providing the related IS charge voltage and it may be exchanged inside the Ex environment.

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  • Convenient to use battery power supply for ATEX M1 environments
  • Fully ATEX M1 certified
  • Charging allowed underground
  • Exchange underground allowed
  • No battery certification needed for OEM devices supplied by ISBP1
  • Module can be customized within the permissions of the certification