Underground Networks

Picture: MIC Network Setup

The MineTronics MIC (Mining Infrastructure Communication) network system conforms one active node in an underground network including all its connected peripherals. Depending on the chosen version it provides the following functionality:

  • wireless LAN access (for up to two independent WLAN networks)
  • fiber optic backbone daisy-chain connection (single mode) via built in managed switch (100 Mbps or 1Gbps)
  • hookup for ethernet peripherals like cameras, etc.
  • built in tracking engine to track any kind of WLAN devices
  • material tracking via optional UHF RFID reader (see separate datasheet)
  • support for network-based mine safety applications.

Beside its network functionality the MIC system is able to host mining specific applications in order to save infrastructure costs by combining functionality in a single unit which also opens up for entirely new functions for process optimization and mine safety.

Enhanced redundancy capabilities do not limit the network to ring redundancy which may leave parts of the ring uncovered and also provide options to mesh different network lines or rings. This provides multiple access paths to devices.

Multiple networks in one unit: The Gigabit bandwidth together with Virtual LANs enable the efficient design of separate underground networks to separate e.g. technical network traffic from multimedia and general IT at the price of only one single network device.

Specific mining infrastructure functions, e.g. ventilation or environmental monitoring, can be implemented in the MIC main module software in order to save the costs for additional hardware systems.

The MIC network system comes with the electronic modules in a stainless steel enclosure. Local indications are shown on a white LCD display built in the front door. Available in non-ATEX version for non coal mining environment and as EX certified version acc. to ATEX M1 for use under presence of potentially dangerous CH4 atmosphere, thus the system is usable for safety communication.

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Benefits :

  • Cost efficient by device concentration
  • All communication components in one system
  • Gigabit fiber data highway
  • Ex M1 ia operation
  • Enhanced ring redundancy
  • Built in WLAN base stations
  • Built in tracking acc. to IREDES standard
  • Optional RFID readers for asset tracking